About Us

Riva rafting Centar d.o.o., PA is a company with a long tradition in the organization and performance of adventure, sports, excursions and expedition research activities within the selective forms of tourism in the Republic of Croatia (rafting, kayaking, SUP, off road, horseback riding, speleology, tracking, cycling, etc.)

Given that these activities are an additional and new value in the overall tourism of the Republic of Croatia, they have become crucial and unavoidable in the organization of team building activities and sports and adventure tourism events from which a unique form of marketing (MANIFESTATION MARKETING) emerged.

Our company is a pioneer of such an organizational approach and through its many years of work, organization and implementation of a large number of sports and adventure tourism events has significantly helped the Zadar hinterland, Zadar region, Northern Dalmatia and the Republic of Croatia to establish itself on the European and world sports and adventure tourist map.

– Organizer of ten Croatian rafting regattas on the river Zrmanja

– Organizer of the Seven Royal SUP Races

– Co-organizer of the first Zadar Outdoor festival

– Organizer of three Zrmanja adventures festivals

– Participation in the organization of dozens of scientific research expeditions led and managed by D-DISKEF and other scientific institutions and organizations.

– Participation in the organization and consulting of several film screenings of the scientificadventure program (Discovery)

– Organizer or co-organizer of small performances of sports and adventure activities within the scientific work and promotion of Dalmatian karst

– Participation and organization in the preparation of the Zrmanja framed by karst scientific work

– Systematic and continuous work in nature protection